Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Blogging Schedule......

My Blog schedule will be as follows: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
On Sunday I will post the theme for the week.
Tuesday and Thursday's blog posts will be about new journey experiences based on Scriptures and favorite quotes related to the theme for the week.
Friday I will answer comments and repost thoughts written early in my journey.

I will be writing my blog posts for Tuesday and Thursday on Sunday afternoon and schedule
them for the week. I will be writing Friday's Blog on that day.

Why repost thoughts written early in my journey?  For may years many of my family members and friends have asked that I digitize and share some of my earlier thoughts on line.  Before this class I was at a loss and truthfully afraid to make the attempt. 

I went to Alabama in August to visit a friend and attend her daughter's wedding.  She called me a couple of days before I was to leave to say that her husband wanted me to copy a couple of thoughts and bring them because he enjoyed them so much.  The Lord truly has a way of opening doors because I had already registered for "Blogging 101" so there would be no excuse.  This is the perfect vehicle for me (my writing Mercedes if you will); I have a map and it is time to go.

A few words about answering comments on Friday.  Answering comments had not crossed my mind (probably again the fear that no one will read or be interested.  I know, I know I am working on that).  I read Barb's schedule and realized it was such a great idea, so I "borrowed" it.  Thanks Barb.



beenebag said...

How wonderful. I am truly impressed with your schedule (I started a blog and only try to post once a month, but lately every 6 months!!!)Great start. Glad you are enjoying the process.

take care, see you at Artfest:)

Margo Dill said...

I think your schedule will work great, and I see that you had a burst of inspiration for another post!!! :)