Thursday, May 17, 2012

One Artist Journal

Hello friends and dear readers, I am part of a Blog Hop.  This is not any ordinary Blog Hop, no, no, no; this is my first Blog Hop and it is to tell you about a wonderful artist and friend Orly Avineri.  Orly's book, One Artist Journal, is being released today May 18th, 2012.

One Artist Journal

The following quote from Orly:
"I am excited to let you know, that my book ONE ARTIST JOURNAL has been released. As you probably guess it's my 'online journal/blog turned book' and it's totally aligned with my imaginings of it, so excited about it (-: I'm happy about the way it came out. It contains my online journal spreads meshed with my writings in a format of a real visual journal, 196 pages, full color, full bleed, explosions of colors, textures, raw expressions, and visual celebrations. It is adorned by Teesha Moore's foreword and Seth Apter's sweet words on the back of the book."

As she stated above, Orly's book is a compilation of her wonderful blog by the same name.  I have subscribed to it for over two years and have enjoyed each thought provoking moment.  I eagerly await each entry.  Some entries are awashed in color with a single thought provoking sentence.  For example:

"Not at all times." (Spread 169:  Sweet and Gentle)


"Physiological or mental, it’s all the same. It’s carried out by or taking place in my mind." (Spread 164: Dire Conclusions)
Others are have more indepth content, and to see what they are, you have to go and visit her blog or better yet, buy the book.  Orly is not telling  you what to think, rather, she is communicating what was on her mind and in her spirit that day. 
I personally met Orly in April 2011 at ArtFest in Port Townsend, WA.  Our first encounter was at a pseudo Iron Chef Competition where I spontaneously offered a play by play of her creative process as she developed a work of art from the found objects she was provided.  The next day I had the most wonderful class making post cards.  In that class she brought out things from me that I truly did not know existed.  Deep rich colors blossomed on the page and I was mesmerized.
This year I again took another class with Orly, Postcards From the Edge,  and she gave us a challenge that is exhibited on her blog and now in her book; "Create, do not Produce."  Hmmm, sometimes easier said than done.  The challenge as Orly shows through word and deed is not to produce art, she gently encourages you to remove all outside expectations and let your spirit draw you into a zone of creativity.  By turning her Blog into a book, I believe two things have been accomplished,  1.  Orly will be able to reach a wider audience with her message; and 2.  the reader will be encouraged to remove any restriction hindering the true creativity that resides deep inside.

Now let's take care of some business....
Where to find the book:(listed in order of preference)

1. The best way to obtain the book is by ordering through Orly's eStore
2. At her workshops in Southern California ( you can sign up for email notification of these workshops on her blog)
Orly will be giving away a copy of her book as part of this blog hop.  To be considered for the drawing leave a comment to her post on her blog Winner will be announced next Friday, May 25th.

As I stated at the beginning of this post, I am a part of a Blog Hop to support Orly Avineri's book project.  Please be sure to visit the following blogs listed below:

Donna Cetorelli:
Erin Faith Allen:
Teesha Moore:

Well, there you have it friends.  In life we have to support our friends in anyway we can through encouragement, promotion and love.  So as I make my journey, know that I support all of you.

Be well...Pilgrim.


adeola's studio said...

congratulations Glenda on your first blog hop...many more to come...exciting i bet and i hope i win the awesome book...yay!!!

Glenda Hoagland said...

Thanks my friend. Be sure to comment on Orly's blog to be eligible to win. Take care

Liesel said...

Hi Glenda! Just a quick warm hug to you! I remember your beautiful spirit from Artfest! Blessings!

lk moonwood said...

Hi Glenda - I just want to say I am enjoying getting to know you through these Artfest and internet connections. You write so beautifully here on your blog.
: ) lulu

The Creative Beast said...

Isn't Orly a wonderful workshop leader?!?! I love your posts on your Artfest experience - congratulations on making your own hand-bound books!!

Doesn't it feel great to make your own books?? =-D Looking forward to seeing more here at your blog =-)

Glenda Hoagland said...

Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by. I do hope you had a chance to go to Orly'blog. I am going to make a promise to myself to blog more. I do love the process of writing.

Be well my friends

Amanda said...

What a wonderful starting point for a hop. :)
I am excited to take a class from Orly in June. I love how she draws out a story from her students.
And bonus, I can pick up a signed copy of her book.
Take care. Hoping our paths cross again.

Irene Rafael said...

hi glenda, yes! i remember journaling with you at the next table in dorm 103, also through another of our mutual friends, jenny. you have posted a wonderful tribute to orly. she deserves it! xxo