Thursday, August 09, 2018

Grumbacher Mystery Box review

Hello, I am so excited.....My Mystery Box arrived today.  Let me tell you, Jan did a wonderful job picking items for this box.

The box filled with goodies
Last week my name was selected as one of 5 winners of the Grumbacher/chartpak mystery box.  I have been entering for a couple of years and was really happy to be chosen.  The box arrived today (very quick turnaround) and I am in love.

AD Marker 12 color set - Professional
 These markers are tri-nib point.  Full disclosure, I opened the box and it had one slanted shaped nib. do I get three shapes out of this?  Enter Youtube....The tri-nib is really easy to use, depending how how you hold the marker, you can get a broad stroke, medium stroke or thin line.  This marker will with on most surfaces and is waterproof.  It also comes with a blender pen.  I love this set.

Higgins India Ink in white
This ink will be perfect for using with a nib pen for doodling and outlining.  Living here in the desert,  white gel pens can dry out pretty quickly.  This gives me many options for drawing and painting.

Higgins India Ink Brush Nib Marker 
 This is really cool for letting, which I need to practice.  It should be great for mark making and writing over acrylic paint.

Pre-Superba white oil paint 
This may have me try oil painting.  White along with a couple of colors would be a great start.

Kohinoor Woodless pencil color pak -2 pencils gold and silver
These pencils are really sharp,. They have a nice look and will be great accessory for christmas cards, yes, it is time for me to start designing my cards for this year.  Time goes by really fast you know.

Molotow Paint Marker Basis Blue
 This 4MM nib paint pen is a great tool.  I love Molotow because they are long lasting and are good for painting and adding texture.  The acrylic paint is permanent and can be used to layer over acrylic paint.  Great for mark making.

Kohinoor drawing pencils
 These 4H graphite drawing pencils will go great with my stash of pencils.  I love them for drawing and making marks on the under layer of paintings.  They are also excellent for sketching.

Molotow 2mm Paint Pen in Hazelnut 
 Don't you just love the name of the color of the paint in this pen, Hazelnut???? Reminds me of Nutella.  Anyway, 2 mm nib is great for detailing.  I normally use the black and white Molotow paint pens, so I am really excited to use a colored  pen to add details and texture.  I think I am going to try and use this painting rocks.

Academy Hog Bristle paint brushes
 I am in Hog heaven,,,get it Hog....any way.  These brushes are so great.  They have a long handle so when painting at the easel, it is easy to step back and paint in a more relaxed manner.  Hog Bristles are stiff and make scrubbing the paint on the canvas really easy (there is probably a more accurate term, but I forgot it).  These are flat brushes and are perfect for oil or acrylic painting.

AD Chartpak Marker pad
The last item is too cool, not just for the paper, but also for the packaging.  The covering opens into three parts. The left side includes a chart listing the types of paper and the type of media that works best.  In the middle is a block of 24 pages.  The right side of the cover can be used to put between two sheets of the marker paper to prevent bleed through when using the Chartpak Markers,  This a brilliant idea.

The mystery box is a wonderful idea.  You can be introduced to art media that you may have never used before.  I am so happy that I won this box.  Thank you Jen from Grumbacher/Chartpak.

Friends/readers who are on Facebook, like the Grumbacher official page and be on the look out every Monday for a chance to win.  You too my friends, may be introduced to new products and a fun time.

Until next time.....pilgrim

Saturday, June 16, 2018

#100dayproject#100daysofpurposefulwalking June 3 to June 16 Days 62 to 75

Day 62
Volleyball picnic in the park

Day 63
Deep red

Day 64
Man and child vignette in the mall

Day 65
Close up of my Fave

Day 66
Lovely arrangement

Day 67
This reminds me of desert living
Day 68
Closeup of Yellow Flower near the apartment pool
Day 69

Sitting at the bus stop

Day 70

Three photo's of mural at Starbucks at Green Valley Ranch

Day 71
Seed pods of blooming plant

Plant partner already blooming

Day 72
Photo of my condo complex

Day 73

So cute 

Day 74
Another blooming bush

Day 75
Vine hanging over a wall
This post covers two weeks.  Last week was really busy and by Saturday, I just did not feel like writing.  This week has been a little better.  It was still pretty busy and I just decided to stop today and stay home.  I worked on an art project, yesterday and today; painting the covers of two journals I am preparing for on line retreats.  It felt to good to do some art work.  For the past month I have been handing painting greeting cards. trying to get a supply prepared.  I am painting the cards with watercolor and I just love the process.  If I can walk everyday for 75 days, I can paint a good supply of greeting cards, just takes creativity and determination.

Observations from the past two weeks:
  • Every step counts
  • When life gets busy, you have to be inventive and determined to achieve your goal
  • When this 100 day project is done, I am going to begin again.  I will not post everyday on facebook, but I think I will keep a journal to record my progress.
Well that is all for this post.  until next week, take care.....pilgrim

Saturday, June 02, 2018

#100dayproject#100daysofpurposefulwalking May 27 to June 2 days 55 to 61

Day 55

Vine on wall 
 Day 56
 Day 57
Cute Purple Flowers
 Day 58
Relaxing in the Park

 Day 59
love this plant
 Day 60
Delicate flowers at the District

Growing at the Park

New Beginnings
This photo represents what today means to me.  June 1, 2018 starts the second year of my living a healthy lifestyle.  During the first year:
  • Lost and kept off 33 pounds
  • started watching portions and drinking more water
  • started a walking program as part of the 100 day project
  • Really paying attention to self care
Day 61
Just a flower minding its own business
Observations for the week:

  • The closer you get to reaching a goal, the more exciting it gets.
  • Living in the Desert makes you think about the best way to get in a walk
  • I have been on a journey toward a healthier lifestyle for one year as of June 1st
  • I am excited to start year 2 and see where it takes me
  • The month of June will be for planning and preparing for the next year.
  • Tine to switch to morning walks, feeling the fresh air and cooler breezes
until next week........

Saturday, May 26, 2018

#100dayproject#100daysofpurposefulwalking May 20 to May 26 days 48 to 54

Day 48

Photo of neighborhood

Day 49
Blooming Plant

Walking in the rain

Day 50

Blooming a second time

Day 51

This plant is blooming and caught my eye 

Day 52

Plant on Church campus
Day 53

Brightens my day

Day 54

Bright red and deep it

Observations from this week:

  • Half way through the challenge.  This has been really interesting and fun on so many levels
  • I am getting into the swing of judging the weather and responding accordingly
  • I love the concept of paying attention to my surroundings
  • Will need to walk more in the mornings, it is getting ready to have a steady diet of 100 degrees
  • I see more and more of my neighbors out walking
  • I am sleeping much better as I tire myself out.
  • I love starting out my walks with prayers for the day.
Well, that is it for the week.  See you next Saturday.  Have a blessed week...pilgrim

Saturday, May 19, 2018

#100dayproject#100daysofpurposefulwalking May 13 to May 19 days 41 to 47

Day 41

Day 42

Day 43

Day 44

Day 45

Day 46

Day 47

This was a very busy week; but, I walked everyday.  Here are my observations

  • I have to be careful not to overdo it.  On Tuesday I ended up walking over 7 miles.  My phone died at 4.88, but I walked a lot more after that because of the event I was attending.  This really tuckered me out on Wednesday
  • It is fun walking on the strip, will have to try that again before it gets too hot.
  • Because I am walking 7 days a week, I have to pace myself.
  • My stamina is increasing and I am losing inches which is good
  • I am a morning person, so morning walks are much more appealing.
Looking forward to next week and what adventures I can have.  Until next week......