Thursday, August 15, 2013

Blog-a-long day 15/30 - Tummy Wins

The picture above is a close up of a portion of the wall of the Duomo in Orvieto, Italy.  I was attracted to it by the pattern.  It is both intricate and simple at the same time.  In my life I have noticed certain patterns that are also intricate and simple at the same time.

For example for the past 6 weeks I was on vacation.  5 weeks at my daughters house and 6 days in Chicago.  I ate very sensibly during that time period and lost 8 pounds.  I am on a quest to lose weight in a sensible manner.  Been home since Monday the 12th and I started slowly creeping back into old patters of behavior.  Eating what I know is not good for me.  WELL, let me tell you my tummy rebelled this morning.  It told me NO MORE.  "I will not accept items too high in sodium, I WILL NOT accept processed meats.  No, No, No, it you don't have the sense to understand this, then I will SHOW you."  And I spent an hour losing everything but my kidneys (at least it seemed like it).  I got the message, time to change my pattern of eating for good. No more processed meats, drink much more water, eat my fruit and veggies. 

I have to make my goal for good-self care more than just "empty words".  I have to change the pattern that says I am not worthy, that self care is something others do.  It is for me too.  Starting with little steps and moving on to bigger ones.  I have to make the patterns of my life beautiful and much less complicated.  No matter how many times I have to start over to get it right, I just have to take a deep breath and carry on.

As I sit here sipping ginger ale to settle my stomach, I understand just how important it is to make friends with my Tummy.  Sorry Tummy, please forgive me, I promise to treat you better.


Shirley Douglass said...

Self care is a process that takes time to make a habit. Or so I tell myself. I will work on it and you work on it :)

Glenda Hoagland said...

Thanks so much Shirley for the encouragement.