Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blog-a-long day 21/30 - Creative fun

Inspiration Cards

Sample of Butterfly's that will be used on Inspiration Cards

Before I get to the main subject of this blog, I just need a moment....WOOHOO 21 days of posting. Wow, major accomplishment!!!!  Ok, I am better now.

The pictures above represent a project I am working on that needs to be finished by the end of the month.  I am well on my way to making that goal.  Inspiration cards are a lot of fun to make and very soothing for me.  This is my second time participating in the Inspiration Card Swap.  The premise is that you take a deck of cards and decorate them.  Include and inspirational quote, send your completed deck to the curator who divides them among the participants and mails you a completed deck.

The first deck I completed was completely collaged with painted deli paper.  This time I decided to paint the cards.  So after coating each card in the deck with gesso, I chose 4 main color palettes for painting.  I allowed 1 hour for the acrylic paint to dry and then painted the edge with archival ink from ink pads using sponges.  The top butterfly's are from a stash of stickers I had, but since I am on a use what you have journey, the second picture reflects butterflies that I die cut using my big shot die cutting machine.  I cannot tell you how much fun I am having making these cards.  The theme is song lyrics and my lyrics related to Butterflies are from Mariah Carey and -Jamiroqual.

I forgot to use this one so I am going to print it here.

Come my Lady
Come Come my Lady
You’re my butterfly
Sugar Baby
-Crazy Town
The above lyrics are from the opening song from one of my favorite movies "Something's Gotta Give."
Creative fun takes many forms, paintings, art journaling, designing and creating greetings cards or participating in a card swap.  Your mind races, your hands fly and you embrace the finished project.
When the project has been completed and mailed, I will post a picture of  the cards.
As you work on your assignments today, whether it is clean the house, wash dishes or make an exquisite piece of art, remember to have creative fun.


The Creative Beast said...

OH!! your cards look SO PRETTY!! I am hoping to join this deck swap of Jessica's but not entirely sure I can make it, but after seeing YOUR cards, I'm getting REALLY inspired!!
Congrats on the 21 days of blogging too =-)

Glenda Hoagland said...

Thanks Monica.
I hope you do join. I would live to get one of your cards.

Angella Dee said...

your cards are so beautiful - I am inspired to make something similar for myself! Enjoy the process!