Friday, August 30, 2013

blog-a-long day 30/30 - Just the Begininning

Aren't these plates beautiful?  I bought them as a splurge while in Orvieto Italy last year.   They are not large dinner plates.  Rather they are a beautifully painted salad plate.  Salad plates are what I use for dinner since I am trying to eat in a more healthy manner and watch my portions.  Do you see the little bowl in the head of the picture, it holds 1 1/2 cups, just enough for soup or other treats without over eating, plus they are just so cute.

Why did I choose this picture today?  The plates are hand made and have a great artistic value to me. Someday with lots of practice I will be able to draw and paint flowers like this. 

Today is the last day of the 30 day Blog-a-long with Effy Wild.  I have had so much fun blogging everyday.  Some posts have been serious, some have allowed me to stand on my bully pulpit and others have been whimsical, but they all reflect various elements of my personality.  I have really been trying to blog more this year, to use the talents God has given me.  Because of that I do not see this as the last day of a blog-a-long; rather it is just the beginning of new adventures in writing and posting.

For instance I need to learn how to increase the followers on my blog.  I am always excited and appreciative when someone follows me.  It is like getting a Christmas present.

I want to figure out my intention for this blog and for myself actually.  Where do I want to go?  What direction to I want my life to take?  What lessons are there for me to learn?  I still have so much life to live.  It would be so cool to live to be 88 like my great grandmother Fannie Jane Cole, so very exciting.

But for today, dear reader, I am so glad for this opportunity and the friendships I have cultivated from this blog-a-long.  Please stop by when you can, love to you all, especially Effy.

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