Thursday, August 08, 2013

Blog - a - long Day 8 Changing Gears

Spending the day in knitting class.  The little sweater above was knitted for an orphan teddy bear who needed clothes.  It proved to me that I could knit a sweater, no matter how small. 

So for the next few days I will not be painting or drawing, I will be learning to weave, crochet edges and knit a lace scarf.  Yes I am switching gears and having so much fun.


Zoe Ford said...

So tiny and cute!
The only thing I ever managed to knit was a scarf, then I gave up because I found it too difficult :)

Glenda Hoagland said...

Oh, Zoe, I am sorry to hear that. It took me a while because I an self taught, but after a while I got it. Keep on trying, you will love it.

Cara said...

Haha, I opened your blog page, saw the sweater, and said "AWWWW!" outloud. It's so cute!!!

The Creative Beast said...

Love the little knitted sweater Glenda! I've made one for my dear boyfriends VERY old teddy bear who has a bald patch on his little tummy and it was lots of fun to make =-)

I'm glad your orphan teddy now has such a wonderfully knitted little sweater he can be proud to wear. You are a good 'mama bear'!! ;)