Saturday, August 03, 2013

Book Review: Craft-a-Doodle by Jenny Doh

image by momoo50
image, a photo by momoo50 on Flickr.

For about three years I have been trying go get comfortable with the idea of doodling.  I bought all of the correct pens, looked at You Tube videos, bought the books and studied the examples.  Somehow my work just never measured up.  I was stuck in the realm of comparison.  I bought Art Doodle Love by Dawn Devries Sokol earlier this spring and it put me on a road to rediscovery.  Doodling wasn't just zentangling and making intricate designs, it was idle motions with a pen, sitting and randomly drawing whatever came to mind. Oh what a breakthrough.   Then, then, then I read that Jenny Doh had written a book with a virtual whose who of the doodling world including my friend Dawn.  I had to get Craft-a-Doodle and see what it was all about.  I have other books by Jenny and have taken on-line courses with her so I knew it would be a quality product.

The book arrived last week.  I am in the process of completing 24 days of doodling, a project that grew out of the Doodle Camp I participated in this July.  I figured that if I could doodle for 24 days I would really get the hang of it and it would become fun. 

I decided to put Craft-a-Doodle to the test.  Day 21, 22 and 23 off my 24 days are inspired by artists from the book.  The book is paper back which is perfect because you can open the page, and it will lay flat as you try the exercises.  Instructions are simple and to the point, which is what I need.  There are the intricate designs, the whimsical doodles, faces and just plain fun doodles.  The instructions include items needed, a getting inspired suggestion by some of the artists such as Jessie Oleson Moore, and detailed written and illustrated instructions.

I randomly opened the book each day and tried the instructions of an artist, no planning.  However my last day will be based on Dawn Devries Sokol.

Below is a photo of my work from day 21, inspired by Cori Dantini, day 22 inspired by Hanna Anderson and day 23 inspired by Jessie Oleson Moore.

I am so glad that I purchased this book.  I read it through completely and was inspired by everything I saw.  Put it on your wish list, save your pennies, ask for it for Christmas.....Just get it.  I am not a professional reviewer, just a fan who loves a good book.


Anna said...

OH...that looks like a fun book! I'll have to look it up. Thanks for the review!

Glenda Hoagland said...

Anna, thanks for stopping by. It is a wonderful book to have in your personal library