Thursday, May 15, 2014

Today is the Day!!!!! Auction of Beautiful Art for #bringbackourgirls

Dear Reader: 
Below are the URL's of the artists participating in the Auction for
You can visit their blogs to see their art and find out a little about them.  I hope this Auction will be a fun and rewarding experience for you.

Jessica Sporn
Linda Kittmer
Ronda Palazzari
Marjie Kemper
Judy Shea
Glenda Hogland
Astrid Maclean
Lisa Pace
Jackie Neal
Claudine Criner
France Papillon
Kristin Van Valkenburgh
Marcia Beckett
Ruth Levy
Sally Lynn MacDonald
Renee Zarate
Natasha May
Carmen Whitehead
Seth Apter
Marybeth Shaw
Amy Ingardia-Walker
Kelly Warren
Julie Bernier
Adrienne Hoban
Krista van Tol
Cheryl Grigsby
Jill Meyer
Lisa Flaherty
Kerry C. Mitchell
I am so excited.  Have Fun!!!!!!! 


Kristin said...

Beautiful!! I love what you've done and know it will be a success! Kristin xo

JackieP Neal said...

Glenda- such a beautiful canvas and already has the crowd cheering! I'm so glad to be part of such a wonderful caring and talented community! ")

Glenda Hoagland said...

Thank you Kristin and Jackie your words of encouragement mean a lot to me. I hope you will continue to follow my blog posts