Sunday, July 28, 2019

ICAD Week 8 days 50-56

Week 8 of Index Card a Day is complete.  I had so much fun with these cards.
Note to Self




Off prompt more blobbiness and doodles


Off prompt more bloodiness
Blobs and doodles took over toward the end of the week.  I love the fluidity and how loose they are.  Plus it is so much to be so free.  One more week of this challenge.  I have completed the cards because I will be on the train from Monday to early Wednesday.

I have spent three months doing art everyday.  I am committed to keep of this practice even if it is only for 5 minutes.  You can create some really cool blobs in 5 minutes.  What is next you might ask?  I plan to catchup on Life Book lessons and create more blobs and doodles.  October is Inktober month and I need to decide what I am going to do.

Until next week......pilgrim

Monday, July 22, 2019

ICAD Week 7 Days 43 - 49

Whoa, time is moving quickly.  Just as of this week, I have created 49 pieces of art.  It makes me smile.


Billboard base

Billboard on "stilts"


Wabi Sabi




Week 7, wow only a few more days left to this wonderful challenge that I look forward to every year.  Highlights of this week are Direction-the idea that popped into my mind was "Do you know the way to San Jose?", Wabi Sabi, turnpike and Billboard.  I love all of them actually.

Until next week.......pilgrim

ICAD Week 6 Days 36 - 42

Week 6 of ICAD

Thesaurus - the many words for Blob



Color Chart

Card Catalog

A Quiet Blue Day


This was a week of deep thought as I worked on the cards.  It amazes me how things pop into my mind when I look at the prompt.  Some days the thought are really cool such as finding synonyms for the word Blob and drawing a blank on blueprint because I needed a good white pen (hence creating a quiet landscape with various shades of blue with purple mountains).  Creating a library card cataloging the information about a book I would write describing my first 70 years.  Making a charm bracelet by curling out charms from card stock and gluing to the card.

Week 6 in the tank.  Doing art everyday.

Until next week......pilgrim

iICAD 2019 Week 5: Days 29-35

Days 29-35 of Index card a day.

Lemon and Lemonade

Pine Tree





Terra Cotta

The cards from week 5 were a lot of fun to do.  Each is a little work of art.  Some can be framed and some no, but they all have distinct meaning for me and a great form of practice.

Until next week.......pilgrim

Monday, July 01, 2019

Week 4 of Index Card a Day Challenge days 22-28

Week 4 is in the can.  I am learning somethings about myself.  Twice I had to talk myself into continuing and sharing.  Sometimes I just wonder what is the point or if I will create a dud.  Then I have to have a good internal conversation and move forward.  This week was fun actually.  My greatest internal babble related to following the prompts or going off prompt.  I actually did a mixture.  I decided to use one of my original poems (I had to remember it because my book of poems is in Nevada).  I think I did pretty good.  I wanted to use a rose stencil for the Rose prompt because I tell myself I cannot draw a rose; however, I wanted to create a background first.  The background is several layers of washes of red, magenta, orange and yellow.  Then I traced around the rose stencil and it was not what I wanted so I drew in some additional petals and added darker washes.

I really like the interpretation of music and art on the music box card, I think I am going to frame it when I get home.  Last I went back to my abstract art blob series with doodles.  I really need to commit to this series and see where it will take me.

Yellow and Gray abstract - watercolor

Square watercolor blobs with doodles

Music Vibes - abstract of Music Box

Origian Poem

Doodle Blobs
Architectural Blobs
This daily process is wonderful, however, my challenge is to continue this daily creativity  process once index card a day is over on July 31st.  When I am home with all of my supplies and can sit at my art table and draw and paint.  Give myself permission to do this and not feel guilty about the time I spend doing it.  That is the challenge folks, I am determined to do it, create everyday and have fun.

Until next week.....pilgrim