Radical Wellness (journey to change my life)

It has been two years since I had my first surgery for breast cancer.  That journey involved three surgeries and two biopsies (one needle and one surgical).  Of and on since then I have tried to change my life and live better.  Truthfully I have been trying most of my adult life at one time or another mostly without much success.

I have been participating in Lifebook 2013 since January and it has changed my perception of my artistic abilities.  Tam LaPorte is the organizer of this wonderful program so when she started Radical Wellness I knew I had to sign up.  Radical Wellness is a 5 week process that gets you started on a journey toward wellness.  It is a lifelong journey, and it involves a radical change in perception.

Today I heard loud and clear "Make Me Important."  I have to give myself permission to put myself in the non-urgent/important box of my life.  This box is the nurturing box because it allows me to take all the time I need to love and maintain myself.

It is my plan to blog about my journey for that's just what it is a journey.  I figured out why I was not successful with weight watchers.  I did not see it as a journey, as a tool to help me along.  I saw it as a competition.  Each week I weighed in and had to loose weight.  I did not really follow the program so I did not learn any good habits.  I put it in the urgent/important part of my life, as a result it was not nurturing and did not serve me well.  What a costly lesson.

So here I am again, trying one more time to take the rode to wellness and peace.  I am determined; not to be the best competitor, but to nurture myself and Make me Important.

On to a new chapter in life........Pilgrim

Nov. 4, 2015

Weight today 264.4  embracing weight watchers, but most importantly I am psychologically ready to do this thing called taking care of myself.  i cannot explain what took so long, but in my spirit I feel now is the time.


Angella Dee said...

so proud of you Glenda. I wish I could have signed up for Tam's radical wellness. it looks awesome. however, with the exchange rate it comes to far more than my budget allows. Keep up the good work. You are an amazing person. I am so honoured to have "met" you.

The Creative Beast said...

Congratulations on re-framing this journey to WELLNESS! I love that you figured out why Weight Watchers did not work for YOU and how you are moving forward with plans that DO work for you. It is not easy to break old eating patterns or habits, nor is it easy to start good exercise habits, but once you begin it will get easier...and I am here to cheer you on your path to SELF CARE!!